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Caleb Schwartzkopf

Caleb Schwartzkopf


My name is Caleb Schwartzkopf. I grew up in a Christian home, attending church every Sunday and frequenting Wednesday night youth group and Bible camps. However, though I did all this, I did not really understand the Gospel. Things began to change when I decided to look into the Bible for myself. Since then God has been working on my heart to love Him and His people. All that I have been able to accomplish I praise Him for, because without Him I would be nothing.

When I started my studies at the University of Montana, I had been a Christian for several years. Yet, it was here that God opened my eyes to a greater understanding of His love for other people, and the horrible reality of what Sin has robbed from us; here He opened my heart to others. I became connected with the international student community on campus. Through these students, God has taught me much about other perspectives, the value of encouragement, and love. God has blessed me with friends from Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Japan, France, Argentina, Norway, South Korea, India, and China, as well as a couple other countries. I hope to continue to serve Him by helping the students of Montana, both local and international, by pointing them to Christ.

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“What excites me about Caleb coming on to GCF staff is that he has already been serving as a dedicated and effective GCF volunteer over the past several years. Now that he has graduated, this internship will allow him to focus his time and efforts in both evangelism and discipleship on the University of Montana campus. Caleb’s involvement with international students is a strategic way that the influence of the gospel can increase and spread not only to the local mission field but also around the world. Please be a part of the team to equip Caleb for this mission.”

-John Luhmann, Senior Pastor, Sovereign Hope Church

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“Over the past four years I have watched Caleb grow from a new student riding our campus shuttle for the first time, to a dedicated upperclassmen leading Bible studies and developing a passion for evangelism. I personally am very excited about the prospect of Caleb joining us as a campus intern at Grizzly Christian Fellowship. His unique gifting and passion make our ministry stronger in areas which have been historically weak. By God's grace we are hopeful that Caleb's time with us is influential in our attempts to create a culture of discipleship at GCF. We would appreciate your generous support to this end!”

-Tyler Velin, Campus Director, Grizzly Christian Fellowship

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Grizzly Christian Fellowship (GCF) exists as an extension of Sovereign Hope Church,  and is passionate about reaching students and equipping Christians at the University of Montana.

GCF recognizes that the culture of Missoula flows through the campus of the University of Montana. By the end of the first semester nearly fifteen percent of Montana will have sat in Washington Grizzly Stadium for home football games. The University itself is the largest employer in the city, the unifying banner of the city’s eclectic population. Preaching Christ on campus is one of the greatest ways to gain a foothold in the culture of our city.

Missoula is not the only beneficiary of UM, nor of GCF. Over the past four years, GCF has hosted students from Brazil, Japan, Peru, Argentina, Chile, and Dubai. Of the 14,000 students who attend the university, there are students from over 60 foreign nations. Our student’s efforts in personal evangelism and discipleship have the potential to change lives across the globe.

GCF desires to preach Christ to students who have never heard of him, equip students to live as Christians, and send students as missionaries and ambassadors of Jesus into their respective careers and locations. By coming alongside Caleb Schwartzkopf, you are doing more than supporting Caleb, you are contributing to a gospel centered cause which will, by God’s grace, make an eternal impact in the lives of students across the globe.


Everyone who leaves their own people to study or work abroad knows the countless difficulties to be faced. When I first met Caleb I was impressed not only because he said my name without struggling (which is a hard task for English speakers) but because of his notoriously huge heart. As time went by we got closer and in every little situation he had a way to talk about the Bible and how he was concerned about Jesus' sacrifice for our sins. His unstoppable concern has made a tremendous impact in my life. Our friendship helped me to love and please Jesus more.
-Paulineli Morgan, International Student 2016

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