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Stephen Kasun


My name is Stephen Kasun. I love Jesus, I love the church, and I love people. I grew up in Missoula and have lived here for most of my life. I was raised in a Christian home, attended a Christian school, had Christian friends, and learned how to do the things Christians do, though I didn't really love Jesus or recognize my need for Him. It wasn’t until I was at school at the University of Montana that God grabbed ahold of my heart and began to reorder my loves and reshape my identity. Soon after my new life in Jesus began, my wife Jessalynn and I began attending Sovereign Hope Church where we were discipled through what the scriptures taught and what living the Gospel looks like.

As we grew God began to press into our hearts a desire to serve and love the church. Through Sovereign Hope God began to give us opportunities to do that, serve and volunteer where there was need. Thus the seed of serving and working in the ministry of the church was planted. Perhaps the most rewarding experience through those first four years was working with Pastor Tyler on campus with Grizzly Christian Fellowship. I was given a chance to connect with other young people who were as confused about who Jesus is as much I had been. God grew the role into one that allowed me to teach on-campus as well as leading a local Community Group Bible study. The Lord has burdened our heart with a love for Missoula and its students, and I believe he has led us back here to once again to serve his church on campus of the University of Montana by loving and discipling the students in Missoula.

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“The University of Montana is a huge mission field right here in our community, for which we at Sovereign Hope have had an increasing burden. The focus of Grizzly Christian Fellowship has been to unite a vibrant campus ministry with active involvement in a local church, since the local church is God's chosen instrument to make disciples. God works this plan through people. This is why it is a joy to see the way that Jesus has raised up and prepared Stephen for this great task. I ask you to consider being part of the team to send Stephen into this mission field.”

-John Luhmann, Senior Pastor, Sovereign Hope Church

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“Going into its fifth full year, GCF is in need of more and more staff assistance. We are really excited for Stephen and Jessalyn to return to Missoula and help with our campus ministry. Stephen’s primary responsibilities will be life on life discipleship with new students, assisting in student lead Bible studies, and occasional preaching at Large Group. Due to the nature of my role with Sovereign Hope Church and with GCF, these are things which would not be getting done without Stephen’s help. I encourage you to help Sovereign Hope and GCF by supporting Stephen and participating in this important ministry.”

-Tyler Velin, Campus Director, Grizzly Christian Fellowship

About GCF


Grizzly Christian Fellowship (GCF) exists as an extension of Sovereign Hope Church,  and is passionate about reaching students and equipping Christians at the University of Montana.

GCF recognizes that the culture of Missoula flows through the campus of the University of Montana. By the end of the first semester nearly fifteen percent of Montana will have sat in Washington Grizzly Stadium for home football games. The University itself is the largest employer in the city, the unifying banner of the city’s eclectic population. Preaching Christ on campus is one of the greatest ways to gain a foothold in the culture of our city.

Missoula is not the only beneficiary of UM, nor of GCF. Over the past two semesters, GCF has hosted students from Brazil, Japan, Peru, Argentina, Chile, and Dubai. Of the 15,000 students who attend the university, there are students from over 60 foreign nations. Our student’s efforts in personal evangelism and discipleship have the potential to change lives across the globe.

GCF desires to preach Christ to students who have never heard of him, equip students to live as Christians, and send students as missionaries and ambassadors of Jesus into their respective careers and locations. By coming alongside Stephen Kasun, you are doing more than supporting Stephen, you are contributing to a gospel centered cause which will, by God’s grace, make an eternal impact in the lives of students across the globe.


My biggest challenge as an international student was having to move away from my family and friends, and figure out life in a completely different surrounding. Being a part of Sovereign Hope Church and Grizzly Christian Fellowship helped me make that transition. As I began to participate in these ministries, I found a new family and great friendships that were centered around the gospel.
One of my fondest memories of my time at Grizzly Christian Fellowship was meeting with Stephen to read the Bible during my sophomore year. Stephen and I met weekly and studied Paul’s letter to the Romans. It was during this time as we meticulously studied passages, that I grew to understand and treasure Christ’s work on the cross, redeeming a sinful mankind, to a holy and just God.
Grizzly Christian Fellowship has given me a much greater understanding of the gospel and the Christian faith that I know I will continue to grow in throughout the rest of my life.
-Shaun Philip, Class of 2017

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